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Taipei City Bars/Pubs

Apocalypse Now
323, Fu Xin North Road , Taipei , +886 (0)2 2545 4628

This ultra-hip beer house features a live DJ, big glasses of beer and local Chinese food. This beer house continues to be frequented by crowds. The music is a combination of the latest Japanese, Chinese and English music. The food, which could be referred to as quick fry local Chinese food, is quite good. But this is not the place for a quiet night out. Come here to get your adrenalin pumping and have some fun.

Blue Note
4F, 171 Roosevelt Road, Section 3 Intersection of Shi Da Road , Taipei , 106 , +886 (0)2 2362 2333

A long-running popular jazz bar offers frequent live jazz performances, and is conveniently located in the Shi Da University area, close to the Shi Da night market and a number of bars and cafes. Because it is small, get here before 9pm to ensure a place to sit. The interior is cosy and comfortable, while the music is hot. Drinks cost on average TWD150.

Caffe Gior
6, Alley 18, Lane 380, Tian Yu Street, Tian Mu , Taipei , 111 , +886 (0)2 2876 2468

Located behind McDonald's on Tian Mu West Road, Caffe Gior is a large coffee shop offering with a wide variety of food. Serving such dishes as hamburgers, spaghetti, spare ribs and roast beef. Each main course includes soup, salad, dessert and coffee or tea. Choose from a wide range of coffees, such as regular espresso (TWD100), or frozen drinks like the Oreo Coffee Freeze (TWD120). There is a 20 percent discount on coffee refills.

For tea drinkers, a nice selection of tea is available. Desserts include cookies, waffles, cheesecake and other pastries.

Bars and Pubs 102 Civil Boulevard, Section 4 , Taipei , 106 , +886 (0)2 2721 5711

Undoubtedly one of the most popular spots for Taipei's wealthy, young and trendy crowd, Juliana is one of the few places in Taipei where you have to line-up to get in, even on a weeknight. When the DJ gets going, the dance floor begins to swell. With its high ceilings, plush four-sided bar and mirror-adorned walls, there is an open, yet ultimately upscale feel to the place. This hot spot is not cheap though, with beers costing TWD200 and wine, spirits or cocktails costing more. In addition to drinks, Juliana sports a decent menu, including Western dishes. Nevertheless, after dancing up a sweat, a cool drink with a light fare in this beautiful spot makes for a great night out!

Kiss La Bocca
Nightclubs 166 Dun Hua North Road , Taipei , 105 , +886 (0)2 2712 1201

As one of Taipei nightlife's longest established venues, Kiss (as it is commonly known) remains one of the city's most popular nightclubs. With its popular Wednesday 'Ladies Night' still pulling in large crowds, Kiss also attracts a large number of Taipei's business visitors.

Furnished with inviting sofas, the Techno Lounge offers a chance to chill out away from the busy dance floor and bars. There is a cover charge of TWD350 Sunday to Thursday, and TWD500 Friday and Saturday, but before 10pm on Fridays, entry is free. Drinks start at around TWD200.

Admission: TWD350 Sun-Thu; TWD500 Fri-Sat

Living Room (The)
Nightclubs 3F, 8 Nan Jing East Road, Section 5 Near Intersection of Guang Fu North Road , Taipei , 105 , +886 (0)2 8787 4154

This restaurant, cafe and nightclub are training grounds for young pop artists. The performers sing mostly Chinese pop songs and come here to gain experience in front of a live audience. There is a quiet outer room for those choosing to opt out of the shows, but in order not to distract the performers, the management requests that guests not make too much noise. The menu, featuring both Western and Chinese food, changes frequently so ask the waiters what they recommend. The owner himself plays saxophone and sometimes participates in the evening performances. The Living Room takes large bookings.


Rock Candy
Nightclubs 7 Lane 79, Fu Xing South Rd, Section 1 , Taipei , 105 , +886 (0)2 8773 8578

This small and vibrant nightclub is frequented by both twenty something locals and expatriates. With its tiny dance floor, bar and small balcony area upstairs, Rock Candy is often cramped. Nonetheless, this seems to add to the unmistakably friendly atmosphere. Things however do not get going until the early hours of the morning, when partiers straggle in from clubs closing elsewhere. The DJ pumps out European and American club tracks until past 6am, so if you cannot find the small entrance just listen for the sound of whistles.

Roxy Vibe
Bars and Pubs B1, 69 Jinshan South Rd, Sec. 2 , Taipei , 106

Open until the wee hours of the morning, this place usually rocks with a live band from 9pm to midnight when a deejay takes over. With a cover charge of only NTD250, the Roxy Vibe is a great place to hang out after hours. Things really get going at 3am. There are also places to sit if you feel like getting away from the crowd. There is even a CD shop inside open until 2 am.

Live Performances B1, 249 Fu Hsing South Road, Section 1 , Taipei , 106 , +886 (0)2 2704 7290

After being a long-time favourite in Taipei's nightlife scene, TU recently underwent a complete remodelling. Although it boasts a new clean-cut decor, the crowd is the same as before--hordes of revellers from all walks of life getting down and having a good time. Music on the weekends tends towards hip hop. The TU is usually packed to the brim with locals and expatriates alike, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. It is also renowned for Wednesday's 'Ladies Night.' Drinks typically go for TWD100.

Cover charge: TWD500 on Fridays and Saturdays; TWD250 otherwise.


Taipei City Theatres

Ambassador Theatre
Theatres and Movies 88 Cheng Du Rd , Taipei , 108 , +886 (0)2 2361 1222

If you are looking for thrilling audio effects, don't miss the Ambassador Theatre. The powerful chair-quaking surround-sound audio system makes the Ambassador Theatre extremely popular. Although there is only one auditorium in this theatre, it seats 1,500, and is always jam-packed. Be sure to expect an hour-long wait for popular movies and on weekends. While you wait for your movie to start, visit the small cafe on the second floor.

Broadway Theatre
Theatres and Movies 200 Roosevelt Rd. , Sec 4 , Taipei , +886 (0)2 8663 6128

Broadway Theatre is the most popular movie theatre in the Gong Guan area. There are six compact screens in the theatre. The clean theatre features bright lighting, roomy chairs and post-modern decor. Most of the movies played here are first run American movies. However, some European non-commercial movies appear here. And because two universities are nearby, expect a lot of students, especially  in the evenings and on weekends.

Hoover Cinema
Theatres and Movies 89 Wuchang Street, Sec 2 Movie Street, Xi Men Ding , Taipei , 108 , +886 (0)2 2331 5077

Located right in the heart of Movie Street, within the popular Xi Men Ding area, this three-screen complex is always full of teenagers and young couples who want to take advantage of the first-run movies, digital audio system and sofa-like love seats without armrests. Expect hour-long lines to buy tickets, especially on weekends and holidays. You can escape the wait by booking tickets online.

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