About Taipei

Welcome to Taipei, the capital of The Republic of China (Taiwan). Located in the northern side of Taiwan, the city where everything happens; it is possible to find anything here, from upscale shops to the most important attractions and shows.

Despite being one of the perfect examples of modern vibrant cities, its 5000 years of Chinese history, combined with the influence of the almost 50 years of Japanese occupation, give this city interesting contrasts. Much of its traditional buildings were constructed by the Japanese, while the modern buildings are the result of the more recent economic boom on the island. The National Palace Museum houses the world's finest collection of Chinese art; beautiful temples are the setting for colourful folk festivals. As far as culinary delights are concerned, visitors can enjoy regional specialties from all parts of China. On top of all this, Taipei also offers bustling night markets, areas of spectacular natural beauty, streets lined with shops selling brand name products and numerous international hotels.

This small cosmopolitan city, which blends a little bit of every culture in Asia, it is well known for its cultural diversity. This is perfectly reflected in the many cuisines Taipei has to offer. As Taiwanese people consider food to be very important, food can be found everywhere; in restaurants, cafes and food courts. The Taiwanese cuisine is best known for its wonderful seafood, but when in Taipei you will always be able to find something you like. Taipei offers cuisines from French to Middle Eastern, American and even English food. Also, when it comes to food, no trip to Taipei is complete without having visited a night market where you can find traditional food and snacks.

Nightlife in Taipei has a lot of diversity to offer. There are many bars and pubs, which give you both the chance to experience an international and a traditional night out. The discotheques, which are mostly located near the Universities, give you the opportunity to combine some drinks with dancing while you’re listening to a wide range of music styles.

Taipei is without a doubt one of the places to be in Asia. Energetic, multicultural, and well developed, this city is an Asian hotspot.

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